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A chance to win a trip of your dream is right at your fingertips. Let’s get to know each other and start the game!

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam. We will never give away your information to any third party.
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1. How to register for the quest?

To enroll in the game, the participant needs to proceed to the promo website, press the “Participate” button, and choose the desired registration method. It is possible to register via email, Facebook, or Google+. 

To register via email, you need to enter your email address to the box and press “Proceed.” The company uses your email address only to send you a confirmation link and never gives this information to third parties. 

Once the registration is completed, you need to create a login name and password to use them for further authorizations. 


2. Is the quest free? Do I risk something?

It’s free of charge and doesn’t imply any hidden fees, any investments during the game, or risks. 


3. Who’s Pete?

Pete is a cartoon character and the protagonist of the game. According to the legend, he used to work in the office and lived a very monotonous and boring life of a clerk. Throughout the game, Pete is supposed to discover Forex trading as an alternative job, become a cool trader, and fly away to a fantastic trip. 


4. What’s pip?

Pip is a Forex term meaning the smallest price move. In the game, pip is a point charged to your account for completing the challenges. You need to get a total of at least 100 pips to finish the game. 


5. What does the trip include?

The main prize - an unforgettable round trip to London, Tokyo, or Dubai for two - includes the following:

  • Economy flight tickets
  • 5-star hotel accommodation

You will need to pay for your personal expenses during the trip by yourself.


6. How many attempts can I use for each challenge?

As many as you need. Also, you can skip to another task anytime you want and get back to it later. 


7. How to pass the “Dress up!” challenge?

The challenge suggests to pick up new “trader” clothes and accessories for your character, Pete.  You need to scroll through a bunch of random items and pick those that look like a good fit for a trader. You need to choose 5 items in total. 

The number of remaining items will be shown on the button below. Once you chose all the necessary items, press “Check” to see your result. Completing this challenge gives you 10 pips.


8. How to find the secret words in the “Find the secret words” challenge?

The participant needs to follow the official FBS Instagram account @fbs_forex and answer 3 questions about the FBS history. 

To find the answers, you need to browse the company’s Instagram feed and look for the recent posts featuring a single word spelled in English. Related posts might have similarities in terms of design and concept so you could find them among the other posts.

Note that you need to type the answers in English as well. If you have successfully found the right words, you will get 25 pips.


9. I can’t pass “The office escape” game.

“The office escape” is a motion game featuring Pete trying to get out of his office building and start fresh as a trader. 

If you play from your mobile device, tap the arrows on the screen to navigate the character around the office and avoid the colleagues and random office stuff (the gameplay is somewhat similar to Pacman). For desktop, use the direction keys to do the same thing and get to the exit door. 

This challenge brings you 15 pips.


10. I didn’t pass “The master of currencies” test from the first attempt. Does it mean I lost the entire quest?

No, you can try again. The test features 7 currency-related questions with 4 variants for each. You are supposed to select the right answer and score at least 5 out of 7 questions to consider the challenge completed. 

If you pick the wrong answer, the system won’t show the correct one. If you fail to score 5 or more correct answers, you can start again anytime you want. 

Hint: the questions are mainly about rare currencies, so it’s important to read the answers and look at the pictures carefully - it will help you find the right answer and score 15 pips.


11. How does the “Remember good old days” challenge work?

The challenge costs 30 pips and requires following FBS on Instagram and sharing a photo from one of your previous vacations. On top of that, you need to tag @fbs_forex and use hashtags #trip4pip #fbs4life.

The photo must be of good quality. There are no restrictions in terms of content - feel free to post any vacation photo, just make sure your face is visible. 

The photo must be published in your Instagram feed, not in Stories. You need to copy the link to your post and paste it into the link box (detailed instructions on how to copy the link are featured under the box). Make sure your account is public and visible for everyone. 


12. How to pass the “Trading essentials” challenge?

The screen features a picture of a desk littered with all sorts of stuff - trading and non-trading. You need to find 5 trader belongings among these items, and drag and drop them into the suitcase on the right side of the screen. 

The belongings you are looking for are pictured on the suitcase. Once you’ve collected all the missing items, press “Check” to see your results. If you gathered all the trading essentials, you would get 20 pips.


13. What kind of video do I need to post to pass the “Get the word out” challenge?

The “Get the word out” challenge is the costliest on the list - 40 pips.  To pass it, you need to follow FBS on Facebook and post a video on the topic “Trading lifestyle with FBS.” 

The duration and plot don’t matter – it is allowed to film whatever feels like trading with FBS to a particular participant. It can be a video of your trading routines, a party with fellow traders, etc.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #trip4pip, #fbs4life. Copy the link to the post and paste it to the link box (detailed instructions on how to copy the link are featured under the box). Then, press “Check” to proceed to your results.


14. How do I get my goodies from the “Wheel of Fortune” game?

The goodie will be sent to the email address you specified upon registration. The email will contain more guidelines on receiving the goodie.


15. Can I spin the wheel more than once?

You can only spin the wheel once, sorry. The feature will be unlocked once you collected 55 pips or more.


16. Should I take the challenges in the suggested order?

Not necessarily. You can choose the tasks in random order or take them one after another as displayed on the screen. Your goal is to collect 100 pips or more - the order and the choice of tasks don’t really matter.


17. Do I need to take all the 7 challenges or just as many as I need to collect 100+ pips?

Take as many challenges as you need to gather 100+ pips. Once you scored 100 pips, the task board disappears, you get added to the winner list, and the rest of the challenges become unavailable. 


18. How will you choose the winner?

The winner will be chosen by a random sample during the live raffle drawing on December 5 at 14:00 MT time. FBS will be live streaming the draw on the official Facebook page.  


19. If I win the trip, how much time will I have before the flight?

The date of the trip will be discussed with the winner. If necessary, you’ll be given extra time to prepare your visa (if required for your country) and other documents.