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A chance to win a trip of your dream is right at your fingertips. Let’s get to know each other and start the game!

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Promo conditions

The “Trip for Pip” promotion is a quest game by FBS Inc. for web and mobile users. 
Promo dates: October 28 - November 28,

General conditions:

Take up the quest, gather a total of 100+ pips by taking challenges, and win a trip to London, Tokyo, or Dubai for two.

  1. To enroll in the quest, visit a promo website and register for the quest with email or one of the suggested social networks (Facebook, Google+). 
  2. After authorization, the participant gets access to the homepage featuring the list of challenges. Upon completion, the participant gets the opportunity to participate in the raffle drawing of the trip to London, Tokyo, or Dubai.
  3. The quest is taken on behalf of a fictional character named Pete. The quest plot revolves around Pete’s transformation from an office clerk to a Forex trader.
  4. Upon completion of each challenge, the participant is rewarded with a certain amount of game points called pips. To be able to participate in the main prize draw, the participant must collect at least 100 pips. 
  5. After collecting 55 pips, the participant unlocks the “Wheel of fortune” game allowing them to get a random guaranteed goodie from FBS. The goodie is sent to the participant’s email. 
  6. The participant can see their task and goodie progress in the progress/goodie bar on the main screen. Detailed information about the number of pips, goodies, and completed tasks, as well as FAQ, Privacy policy, and task descriptions are available in the Menu. 
  7. In total, the participant is offered to take seven challenges of different cost. The participant is free to choose the tasks in random order. The challenges are interactive and involve social media activities (Instagram, Facebook).
  8. The participant can skip any task and get back to it later. The “Try again” option is implemented for each challenge. 
  9. Upon successful completion of the quest, the participant is automatically added to the winner list. The winner will be chosen in the raffle drawing on December 5 at 14:00 MT time. FBS will be live streaming the draw on the official Facebook page.


Challenges description:


1. The “Dress up!” challenge

Cost: 10 pips

Description: The participant is asked to select the attributes of trader style from a list. The task suggests selecting 5 items that look like a good fit for a trader and press the “Check” button. In case of success, the participant gets 10 pips for completing the task. 


2. The “Find the secret words” challenge

Cost: 25 pips

Description: The participant needs to follow the official FBS Instagram account @fbs_forex and answer the 3 questions about the FBS history. The participant is supposed to browse the company’s Instagram feed and find the answers using the hints in the questions.

 The answers should be typed in English into the corresponding boxes. Hit an arrow on the right to check the correctness of the answer. Once all the answers are checked, press the “Next” button.


3. “The office escape” challenge

Cost: 15 pips

Description: “The office escape” is a motion game featuring Pete trying to get out of the office building. The participant needs to use the arrows (for a desktop version) or left/right tap (for mobile) to navigate the character to the exit door while staying away from the other office workers and items. 


4. “The master of currencies” challenge

Cost: 15 pips

Description: The participant has to take a test of 7 questions and guess which country uses a certain type of currency. One needs to score at least 5 of 7 questions to complete the task and get pips. The correct answer will be highlighted green.

Upon completion, the player will see the global performance statistics showing their position as compared to other participants.


5. The “Remember good old days” challenge

Cost: 30 pips

Description: The participant is asked to follow FBS on Instagram and share a photo of their best vacation experience so far. One also needs to tag @fbs_forex and use the following hashtags:

  • #trip4pip
  • #fbs4life

The photo must be published in the participant’s feed (not in Stories); the account must be public and visible for everyone. 


6. The “Trading essentials” challenge

Cost: 20 pips

Description: The participant is supposed to find 5 trader belongings in the image to pack them in the travel bag. One is supposed to spot, drag, and drop trading-related items to the suitcase and hit the “Check” button.


7. The “Get the word out” challenge

Cost: 40 pips

Description: The participant needs to follow FBS on Facebook and post a video on the topic “Trading lifestyle with FBS.” The duration and plot don’t matter – it is allowed to film whatever feels like trading with FBS to a particular participant. Another requirement - using the following hashtags: #trip4pip, #fbs4life. Then, one needs to paste the publication link to the corresponding box. Instructions on copying the link to a Facebook post are featured under the link box


Prize fund


Main prize

The main prize is a round trip for two. Destination - [London, Tokyo, or Dubai]. The dates of the trip are to be discussed with the winner individually. The trip includes: 

  • —   economy flight tickets
  • —   5-star hotel accommodation

The cost of the trip can not exceed 7 000 USD. The duration of the trip can not exceed 7 days. All the travel documents are to be handled by the winner, although FBS can assist with visa documents. In case the visa application was rejected, the company is not responsible for any compensations and does not pay out the cost of the trip. 



Aside from the main prize, the participants can receive the “goodies” - little gifts from FBS meant to help the player improve their trading performance while working with FBS. 

A goodie can be received after collecting 55 pips. At this point, the system unlocks the “Wheel of fortune” game where one is supposed to spin the virtual wheel and get one random gift. 

  • Forex Book

      An exclusive Forex book for beginners written and designed by FBS analysts to support the new traders. 

  • 24/7 support

      Faster problem resolution through priority handling of critical service requests and proactive guidance.

  • Green Status in Loyalty Program

      FBS features a custom Loyalty program - upon enrolling, a client can get Prize points for trading and exchange them for real gifts. The Green Status allows the user to start as a Loyalty program participant and win prizes - from hi-tech gadgets to Mercedes S-Class.

  • Free Forex Webinar

      Free live lessons with FBS professionals to learn Forex right from the couch.

  • Cashback

      Get up to $15 per lot back – even for losing orders! The cashback amount is unlimited.